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Authentic Ramen,
without leaving home.

Japan Instant Ramen - The Very Best

These are NOT your typical Instant Ramen. These are PREMIUM ones -  direct from Japan


Hand-picked by Ramen Expert / Tokyo native Frank (from 5 AM Ramen), you're getting only the best. Whether spicy ramen from a Tokyo Michelin star shop...or silky pork bone ramen with proper pork slices - the variety and flavors will blow you away. 

Order and you'll have access to insider info about each ramen and what makes them special. This includes video instructions on how to put them together! 

Explore Japan and its delicious ramen scene through our Premium Ramen Packs! 

How it works

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Buy a specific number of packs once...or subscribe & get different ramen every month / discounts for longer periods 

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Wait for Arrival

Airmail shipping normally takes 2 - 4 weeks...and it's free worldwide! Expedited shipping (2-5 business days) is also available. 

The best part - unbox, learn about the ramen you're eating (with access to insider info & video instructions), and enjoy!

Premium Ramen Packs

Ramen Gift Cards, Bulk Orders

Our Premium Ramen Packs make for wonderful, tasty gifts!

Gift cards are also available. Click here to purchase one. Whether as a family Christmas present or something for your company colleagues, they’re the perfect way to say thank you.

We provide discounts on personal or corporate bulk orders. Please fill in the form if you’d like more information. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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I have ordered and received three of 5amramen’s Premium Instant Ramen Packages from Japan. Every order was received within a week and wrapped well. Frank’s instructions are spot on and convenient to use. So happy 5amramen started this service!!

— Shirl, USA

My wife and I ordered three batches of Premium Instant Ramen from 5amramen. The shipping was really fast and we loved every bowl that we had. Definitely will order again.

— Joboy, Singapore

Ramen Tasting Tour - Explaining Ramen Hi

Who's Hand-picking Your Ramen?

Frank from 5 AM Ramen is a Tokyo native obsessed with ramen. Let's just say he eats it every day. Drawing on his own experiences, he hand-picks his favorite ramen for each pack. In other words, you're in good hands.

Questions or feedback? 

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