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Each pack includes 5 completely different PREMIUM instant ramen - whether savory chicken ramen from a famous Tokyo ramen shop....or silky smooth pork bone ramen from Fukuoka. We handpick our favorites from Japan and send them to you!


Any purchase unlocks background info about each ramen you receive and easy-to-understand videos on how to make them. Also, learn more about ramen as you climb our "Ramen Ranks"...ultimately becoming a Ramen Grandmaster!


- If you subscribe, every month you'll get a new pack with different 5 ramen. The longer the period, the bigger the discount.

- For longer, ongoing subscriptions (12+ Months), there may be ramen repeats (ramen we've sent previously).   

- If you purchase 2+ packs at the same time, each pack will include the same 5 ramen (based on what's available that month).

- If you subscribe with 2+ packs per month, each pack will include the same 5 ramen (based on what's available that month). 


  • Displayed price is US Dollars
  • Free Shipping Worldwide - check FAQ below for your country

  • "Premium" means quality soup, noodles and toppings
  • Each ramen has a special feature (e.g. Kyoto soy sauce ramen has green spring onions from Kyoto)  
  • We include video instructions on how to prepare each (order of ingredient packets)
  • Please note there are often delays with shipping (COVID-19) - please reach out directly if you have any questions! 


* Please also let us know if you have any allergies or would like to confirm the ingredients 


Premium Ramen Pack (5 Total / 5 Types)

Price Options
12M Subscription
Save the most!
$55.80every month