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Our Diverse Ramen Catalogue

Below are all the Premium Instant Ramen we've so far shipped to customers around the world!

After any purchase, each of the bowls below will link to insider info & video instructions on how to make them. 

We're always adding new, tasty ramen to the catalogue - the best from across Japan. Subscribe and try them all!


Kyoto Shoyu

Onomichi YouTube Cover.png

Onomichi Chuukasoba

Just Soup and Noodles Cover (1).png

Just Noodles & Soup


Toyama Black

Yokohama Sanma-men YouTube Cover.png

Yokohama Sanma-men

Seabura Shoyu Ramen Cover (1).png

Raoh Seabura Shoyu


Niigata Shoyu

Sano Ramen PNG.png

Sano Shoyu

Tsugaru Niboshi Ramen Cover (1).png

Tsugaru Niboshi

4.02 Sakurai Cover (1).png
Hiyashi Chuuka PNG (1).png
Tsuta Cover PNG (2).png

4.02 Sakurai 

Menya Itto Cover PNG.png

Menya Itto

Kitakata Ramen Cover_edited.jpg


Hirakoya Cover_edited.jpg

Hiyashi Chuuka

Hachioji Ramen Cover.png

Hachioji Shoyu

New Koku Shoyu Cover PNG.png

Koku Shoyu

Katsumoto Cover.png

Tsuta Shoyu

Ippei Black Ramen Cover.png

Ippei Black

Kamitoku Gold Cover.png

Kamitoku Gold

Tora Shokudo Cover.png



Tora Shokudo

Hayashida Cover_edited.jpg


Wakayama Shoyu Cover PNG.png

Wakayama Tonkotsu

Santouka Cover.png

Santouka Tonkotsu


Yokohama Tonkotsu 

Ippudo Ramen YouTube Cover (1).png

Ippudo Tonkotsu

Keika Cover.png

Keika Tonkotsu

Ichiran Ramen PNG (1).png

Ichiran Tonkotsu

Barikote Tonkotsu Cover PNG (1).png

Barikote Tonkotsu

Tenka Ippin Cover.png

Tenka Ippin

Suzukiya Cover.png


Just Noodles & Soup Cover II_edited.jpg

Just Noodles & Soup II

Crab Tonkotsu Ramen Cover.png

Crab Tonkotsu

Noodle Voice Cover.png

Noodle Voice

Yoshimuraya Cover.png


Nagasaki Champon Cover (1).png

Nagasaki Champon

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen Cover_edited.jpg

Hakata Tonkotsu

Tonkotsu Gyokai Cover.png

Tonkotsu Gyokai

Kuroiwa Tonkotsu Cover_edited.jpg

Kuroiwa Tonkotsu

New Negi Miso Cover .png

Negi Miso

Sumire Cover PNG (1) (3).png

Sumire Miso 

Raoh Rich Miso Ramen YouTube Cover.png

Raoh Rich Miso

Keyaki Miso Ramen Cover (1).png
Junren Cover.png
Sapporo Miso Ramen Cover.png

Keyaki Miso

Junren Miso 

Sapporo Miso

Ryu Shanghai Spicy Miso Ramen Cover.png

Akayu Spicy Miso

Mellow Miso Ramen Cover.png

Mellow Miso

Miso Curry Milk Ramen Cover.png

Miso Curry Milk

Yukikaze Cover.png

Yukikaze Miso

Saimi Cover.png

Saimi Miso


Hakodate Shio


Garlic Shio

Josui Shio Ramen Cover.png

Josui Shio

Chicken Shio Ramen Cover PNG (1).png
Tonari Cover.png
Kintoki Shio Cover.png

Chicken Shio

Tonari Tanmen

Kintoki Shio - coming soon!

Nakiryu Cover (1).png

Nakiryu (Michelin) Tantanmen

Raoh Soupless Tantanmen PNG.png

Raoh Soupless Tantanmen

Buta Raoh Kimichi Cover PNG.png

Buta Raoh Kimchi  

Maruchan Umakara Tantanmen YouTube Cover

Umakara Tantanmen

Sendai Spicy Miso Ramen YouTube

Sendai Spicy Miso

Katsu-ura Tantanmen Cover (1).png

Katsu-ura Tantanmen

Spicy Niboshi Ramen Cover PNG (1).png

Spicy Niboshi

Mala Tantan Cover (1).png

Raoh Malatan

Thick Tantanmen Cover.png

Thick Tantanmen

Moyashi Spicy Miso Cover.png

Moyashi Spicy Miso

Bubuka Abura Soba YouTube Cover.png

Bubuka Abura Soba

UFO Koi Yakisoba YouTube Cover.png

UFO Koi Yakisoba

Tokyo Abura Soba Cover (1).png

Tokyo Abura Soba


175 Soupless Tantanmen 

Barikata Cover.png

Barikata Maze Soba

Taiwan Maze Soba Cover PNG.png

Taiwan Maze Soba

Ippudo Maze Soba Cover.png

Ippudo Maze Soba

Tomita Maze Soba Cover.png

Tomita Maze Soba

Hakata Issou Cover.png

Issou Maze Soba

Yaki Ramen Cover.png
Santora Cover.png

Yaki Fried Ramen

Santora Oshima

Miso Ramen

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