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  • Frank Striegl

Michelin Star Instant Ramen [Nakiryu Review]

Michelin Star Instant Ramen - yes, there's technically such a thing. As one would expect, it's nothing short of amazing. Consider this an in-depth review of the world's only Michelin Star Instant Ramen!

Michelin Star Instant Ramen - Noodles
Cue Dramatic Music

The Michelin Star - Some Background

Nakiryu is only one of two Tokyo ramen shops that can boast having a Michelin star. Nakiryu serves several styles of ramen, including shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt) ramen. But it's their spicy tantamen that's garnered the most attention. This is for good reason.

Their Tokyo style tantanmen is complex and deliciously layered. The flavor pendulum constantly swings back and forth between creamy, spicy, savory, and even sour. This is thanks to a myriad of ingredients - special sesame paste, homemade chili oil, apple and black vinegar, a soup that's part chicken, duck, oysters...the list goes on.

Michelin Star Instant Ramen - Outside Nakiryu
Commanding long lines

The million dollar question - is their instant ramen a faithful recreation of this high-level tantanmen? In short, yes.

Michelin Star Instant Ramen Breakdown

First of all, this is a "premium" instant ramen, or should I say "super premium" instant ramen. This is not the simple, flash-fried noodle pack you bought in college.

Michelin Star Instant Ramen - Uptop

Like all premium instant ramen, everything is properly separated. There are 2 soup packets and 1 packet for toppings (3 in total). This ensures that the soup is just as layered as at their ramen shop.

You're privy to the same beautiful tapestry of flavors. The sesame paste playfully mingles with the raiyu chili oil and the full-bodied soup.

A Winning Hand

You get additional flavors from the toppings too, whether the seasoned minced pork or the crunchy negi (spring onions). Lastly, the noodles are delicate and thin...but have proper bite to them.

The Verdict

If you served this instant ramen in a fancy bowl, you probably wouldn't guess that it's instant. Of course there's nothing like sitting down and eating in an actual ramen shop.

But it's INSANE how close this comes to the tantanmen that Nakiryu actually serves. This is coming from someone that has eaten thousands of ramen bowls up to now.

In short, this is one of the best instant ramen on the market. You'd expect nothing less from a "Michelin Star Instant Ramen."

If you're interested in trying this outstanding bowl of instant ramen, we sell them in packs of 5 - shipping is free worldwide. These are great as gifts too!


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