• Frank Striegl

What is Premium Instant Ramen?

Premium Instant Ramen? What does that exactly mean? We'll let you know what deliciously separates this type of Japanese instant ramen from the rest!

Premium Instant Ramen - Rainbow

Before Premium Instant Ramen

Did you know that there are over 100 million servings of instant ramen every year? That's how big instant ramen has become.

Premium Instant Ramen - Demon Hunter
Nissin x Demon Hunter Ramen

Before diving into the Premium Instant Ramen world, let's cover 2 simpler instant ramen types.

Packet Instant Ramen

Often associated with broke university students, this is what many people think instant ramen is. In fact, packet instant ramen was the first type ever invented. This happened in 1958 in Japan, thanks to the creative genius of Momofuku Ando.

Premium Instant Ramen - the OG
The Very First

It's as simple as it gets - soup and noodles in a packet. The cheaper versions have flash-fried noodles. Flash-frying helps preserve them. The only issue is that the noodles are oilier and less healthy as a result.

In the same regard, the powered soup isn't the most nutritious. But it sure is tasty.

Cup Instant Ramen (Cup Noodles)

This type is just as the name suggests...it comes in a cup. Ando's company Nissin created "Cup Noodles" in 1971. It was a big success, especially since all you needed was hot water and chopsticks (or a fork).