• Frank Striegl

Instant Ramen Review - Tsuta Shoyu Ramen

Tsuta was Japan's and the world's first Michelin star ramen restaurant. While they no longer have a star, they're still a huge player in the ramen game. But how good is their official instant ramen? Let's find out!

Tsuta Instant Ramen Review - Soup

Tsuta - A Starry Background

Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles (蔦) is located in Tokyo's swanky Yoyogi-Uehara neighborhood. They have much more space after they moved from their original location in Sugamo.

Tsuta Instant Ramen Review - Outside

This bigger space has also led to a bigger menu. But among all menu items, it's the shoyu (soy sauce) ramen that put them on the map. This shoyu ramen caught the attention of Michelin too.

The shoyu they use is barrel aged. The soup is a complex blend of everything from asari clams to high-grade chicken bones. But what stands out most is perhaps at the very top of the soup.

This is where they add a layer of truffle oil and porcini mushroom oil. Both of these you'll find in Tsuta's instant ramen too!

Tsuta - Instant Shoyu Ramen

Noodle manufacturer Toyo Suisan makes this one for Tsuta. It's under their Maruchan brand and is a great example of "premium" instant ramen. This means it's the highest grade of instant ramen possible.

Tsuta Instant Ramen Review - Cover

It comes with four packets - two of them are for toppings. The other two packets (in the middle) contain soup - this includes the truffle oil!