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Welcome to the Ramen Rank page!

The more ramen packs you collect & purchase, the higher "Ramen Rank" you'll achieve (below). Work your way up to Ramen Grandmaster (the highest rank) and with each rank...

- Unlock new insider ramen info (whether Japanese ramen words or little known ramen styles) 

- Have a chance to win free prizes to go with your ramen...and more!  

The Months next to each Rank - this is the same as number of packs purchased (3 Months = 3 Packs).   

Tokyo buildings long.jpg
Ramen Eater.png
Ramen Enthusiast.png
Ramen Starter .png
Sky tree.png
Tokyo Tower.png
Ramen Starter Button PNG.png
Ramen Fan PNG.png
Ramen Enthusiast PNG.png
Samurai farm land.png
Ramen Ronin PNG.png
Ramen Samurai PNG.png
Ramen Daimyo PNG.png
Ramen Shogun PNG.png
Ramen Warrior.png
bushi_yoroikabuto (1).png
Ramen Shop Owner.png
Ramen Shop Owner II.png
Ramen Hotshot PNG.png
Ramen Guru PNG.png
fuji 2.png
Ramen grandmaster.png
Ramen Master PNG.png
Ramen Grandmaster PNG.png
Ramen master.png
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