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  • Frank Striegl

Dairy Free Instant Ramen - The Best

The best Dairy Free Instant Ramen in Japan comes from noodle specialist Yamadai. Over 25 of their delicious, varied instant ramen are free of milk and other dairy ingredients.

Dairy Free Instant Ramen from Yamadai

Yamadai is one of Japan's top instant ramen companies. Their "Sugomen" (great noodles) series showcases regional ramen from all over Japan. Each of the 25+ instant ramen in the series are dairy free.

They're all amazing. We'll be looking at four of my favorites below!

Chicken Shio Ramen

"Shio" means salt. This ramen is seasoned with a bright shio. This seasoning holds up a beautiful, golden colored chicken soup. They're even using Nagoya Cochin chickens. They're one of the most high-end chicken breeds in Japan.

A packet of syrupy chicken oil. and chicken meatball toppings drive home the chicken theme. Lastly, there's yuzu kosho (spicy citrus paste), which lights up the soup.

Nagasaki Champon

Hailing from the Southern port city of Nagasaki, champon is a sort of ramen cousin. This instant version from Yamadai more than does it justice. The soup is flavorfully rich and has hints of seafood. Among the six toppings, there are even bits of squid.

Other toppings include crunchy cabbage, corn, and fish cake. The chewy noodles are super thick - just like in down in Nagasaki.

Sano Ramen

This one is among my favorite instant ramen of all time, dairy free or not. The brown colored, soy sauce powered soup is light but meaty.

The toppings are a high point. There are thick pieces of bamboo shoots (menma), green spring onions (negi), and a huge slice of chashu pork. The noodles are equally wonderful. They're thick and flat just like in Sano (where this ramen is from).

Sendai Spicy Miso Ramen

Sendai is home to one of Japan's several miso ramen styles. It's a spicy miso ramen too. They use local Sendai miso to steer the soup. It's spicy but not overly so.

The fresh, crunchy bean sprouts are refreshing as toppings. They're a nice respite from the spicy red soup. Fairy thick noodles round this one out.

If you're interested in trying these dairy free instant ramen, you can purchase them below. Feel free to use the coupon code "NoDairy" at checkout!


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