• Frank Striegl

Instant Miso Ramen - Top 5 from Japan

Instant Miso Ramen - consider these 5 the very best from Japan! From a unique miso ramen with milk and curry to a spicy miso ramen from the North, these are the cream of the crop.

1. Red Ball Spicy Miso Ramen - Akayu

Yamagata in Northern Japan is known for its snowy winters and picturesque hot springs. But they're also known for tasty ramen. In fact, Yamagata boasts 5 different ramen styles. One of these styles is a spicy miso ramen that hails from the city of Akayu.

Akayu Instant Miso Ramen

All of its wonderful traits are found in this official instant version. This includes a rich soup and toppings like green laver seaweed and fish cake. But the biggest highlight is the red ball. This is actually what makes the soup spicy and garlicky.

2. Japan's Top Ranked Miso Ramen Shop - Saimi

Many regard Menya Saimi to be Japan's best miso ramen shop. Located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Saimi comes from the Sumire school of miso ramen. For one, this means a generous amount of pork lard in the soup. This pork lard ensures that the soup stays hot.

To contrast with this lardy richness, there are powerful jolts of ginger too. Lastly, meat lovers will be happy with Saimi's instant miso ramen. There's both minced pork and a slice of pork among toppings.

3. Earthy Miso Ramen from Nagano - Shinshu

"Shinshu" is the old term for Japan's beautiful Nagano region. It's home to Shinshu miso, which might be Japan's most famous type of miso. In this instant ramen, Shinshu miso is the star of the show. It holds up a soup that's both hearty and earthy in flavor.

Shinshu Miso Ramen with Chicken Meatballs

That earthy flavor is strengthened by the unique toppings. These toppings include shimeji mushrooms and nozawana, a Japanese leaf vegetable from Nagano. The seasoned chicken meatballs are delicious too.

4. Pork Lardy Miso Ramen - Sumire

The owner at Menya Saimi (entry no. 2) trained at miso ramen powerhouse Sumire for many years. Naturally, there are strong similarities between the ramen at Sumire and at Menya Saimi. However, Sumire's soup is thicker and employs more lard.

Sumire's Lardy Instant Miso Ramen