The official 5 AM Ramen popsocket! It's sturdy and great for holding your phone or propping up to watch ramen videos. 

5 AM Ramen Popsocket

  • All items will be shipped within 7 days after an order has been placed. The estimated shipping time through Japan Post is 2-4 weeks. But this shipping time can depend on your country.

    There may be delays due to the global pandemic. Please note that tracking is currently not available for the US and Canada. 

Frequently asked questions

Shipping information

How much does shipping cost?

We're happy to inform you that shipping is free for all ramen packs! The declared value of each pack is normally under the allowed duty free amount for most countries. However, please note that depending on your country's import laws, there may be additional custom fees.

When will my pack ship?

After your purchase, your ramen pack will be shipped within 7 days. You'll receive a confirmation email and another email as soon as the pack has been shipped.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Through Japan Post, we send the packs by airmail. This often takes 2-3 weeks. But please note that this can even become 2-3 months, depending on the country and current circumstances (also delays during the pandemic). Some countries may only have seamail as an option.

Are shipments tracked?

Tracking is currently not included for the US and Australia (by airmail). For all other countries, tracking is included.

Which shipping method will be used for my country

Airmail + Tracking Europe Netherlands - Germany - United Kingdom - Ireland - Belgium - Denmark - Norway - Sweden - Finland - Poland - Switzerland - France - Spain - Portugal - Italy - Greece - Austria - Croatia - Luxembourg - Ukraine - Turkey - Slovenia - Slovakia - Montenegro - Monaco - Malta - Lithuania - Lichtenstein - Latvia - Iceland - Hungary - Gibraltar - Estonia - Czech Republic - Belarus - Armenia Asia Azerbaijan - China - Hong Kong - Indonesia - Kazakhstan - Malaysia - Philippines - Singapore - Sri Lanka - Taiwan - Tajikistan - Thailand - Vietnam South America Columbia - Chile Oceania New Zealand North America Mexico Airmail no Tracking North America United States - Canada