Raoh Rich Miso Ramen

While rich, this miso ramen is smooth-tasting and doesn't weight you down.

A powerful miso flavor is accompanied by just the right amount of chili oil spiciness. There's also nuttiness from sesame seeds floating about. The toppings are generous - minced pork, corn, and spring onions. But the fresh noodles might be most special - you'd think you weren't eating instant ramen!

Raoh Rich Miso Ramen

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

- Boil 400 ml of water
- Open lid (without removing completely)
- Place toppings in PINK on top of noodles
- Pour boiled water up to line, seal lid and place ORANGE packet (soup) on top to heat
- Break up noodles and pour in ORANGE AND PURPLE packets, mix soup and it's ready!

Kyoto Shoyu Packets.jpg

End Result:


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