Mala Tantan

Tantanmen, or dan dan noodles, originates in Sichuan, China. This area is known for using "mala", a spicy numbing seasoning.

This instant tantanmen puts a big emphasis on "mala". Alongside a smooth flavor in the soup is a zesty, numbing pepper flavor. It's addictive, to say the least. Top quality, thick and flat noodles join crunchy bok choy and seasoned minced pork toppings.

Mala Tantan

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

- Boil 400 ml of water
- Open lid (without removing completely)
- Place toppings in BLACK packet on top of noodles
- Pour boiled water up to line, seal lid and place RED packet (soup) on top to heat, wait 5 minutes
- Break up noodles and pour in RED packet, properly mix soup, and it's ready!

Kyoto Shoyu Packets.jpg

End Result:


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