Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen

This is Ichiran's first ever instant ramen...it apparently, took 20 years to develop!

Ichiran is going for a minimalist angle with this instant ramen. It's only soup and noodles. Even though you don't get toppings, it's impressive how close the silky pork bone soup is to being at Ichiran. They even include their signature spicy red sauce, which livens up the soup. Try your best to you place this spicy red sauce (packet C) in the middle of the bowl.

Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

- Boil 430 ml of water
- Open lid (without removing completely)
- Pour boiled water up to line, seal lid and place packet B (soup) on top to heat, wait 4 minutes
- Break up noodles and packets A and B, properly mix soup, add packet C (in the middle) and it's ready!

Kyoto Shoyu Packets.jpg

End Result:


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