Buta Raoh Kimchi Ramen

This limited time special ramen is from Nissin's famed "Raoh" brand, ​

It actually looks heavier than it is. A refreshing, clear pork bone soup is supercharged with a spicy and syrupy kimchi oil. You get a big mountain of seasoned pork cubes alongside crunchy vegetable toppings. There's even fresh kimichi!

Buta Raoh Kimchi Ramen

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

- Boil 400 ml of water
- Open lid (without removing completely)
- Place toppings in DARK BLUE packet on top of noodles
- Pour boiled water up to line, seal lid
- After 5 minutes, break up noodles and pour in LIGHT GREEN AND ORANGE packets, mix soup and it's ready!

Kyoto Shoyu Packets.jpg

End Result:


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