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Ramen Subscription

Curated by 5AM Ramen

We've handpicked our favorite premium instant ramen from around Japan! This pack features some of "Big 4" ramen styles, plus one surprise, super premium ramen: 


1. Tangy SHOYU (Soy sauce) Ramen 
2. Rich MISO Ramen 
3. Refreshing SHIO (Salt-Seasoned) Ramen  
4. Milky TONKOTSU (Pork Bone) Ramen 
5. SURPRISE Ramen (from a famous ramen Japan shop)


  • "Premium" means quality soup, noodles (not flash fried) and toppings

  • Each ramen has a special feature (e.g. Kyoto soy sauce ramen has Kyoto green spring onions)  

  • We include video instructions on how to prepare each (order of ingredient packets)