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"Assari" vs "Kotteri"

Shoyu and shio ramen are normally lighter, or "Assari".

Miso and tonkotsu ramen are normally heavier, or "Kotteri".

But these are not rules! (see below)

Suehiro PNG.png
Santouka IG PNG.png

This heavy style of ramen from Yokohama (south of Tokyo), is Tonkotsu (Pork Bones) + Shoyu (Soy Sauce)

Did you know?

Ramen chain Santouka serves rich Ramen that is Shio (Salt) + Tonkotsu (Pork bones).

 > In Tokyo, ramen shops often serve both Shoyu and shio Ramen. 


THis is even if they're best known for one or the other. They can keep the soup the same (only changing out the shoyu or shio seasoning).

Baby PNG Shima.png

Shoyu & Shio Ramen at the same Shop (Shima in Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Shima Shio PNG Baby.png

In our next Lesson (When you reach the Rank of "ramen enthusiast") we'll cover more about what goes into ramen! 

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