Lesson 1: "ramen roots"


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Ramen really got its start in the late 1800s. More Chinese immigrants came to Japan around this time...and they brought with them delicious noodle dish recipes. 

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These recipes were adjusted and eventually evolved into ramen.  The first ramen shop ever, "Rairaiken" opened in 1910 in Tokyo. Ramen is quite a young dish!

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Nowadays, there's an insane amount of ramen styles! In our next lesson (after you increase in rank), we'll cover "the big 4" Ramen styles!  

Did you know?

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Rairaiken Ramen (3rd generation, grandson's recipe)

Until next time!!

In the 1600s, Tokugawa Mitsukuni was supposedly the first Japanese person to eat ramen (before it was known as ramen / was more of a Chinese noodle dish at the time)

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